We have just become the Australian distributor for CMG Mountain Bike products.

CMG stands for "Customudguard" an Indonesian mountain bike components company specialising in MTB fenders along with a bunch of other products that we will be stocking soon.

We followed CMG's ProFender development over the past few years, and now they are available to the market we will be stocking in Australia.

The fender comes in two styles: the PRO FENDER Bolt-On model has an adaption for Fox, Marzocchi, RS Zeb & Ohlins forks, and screws to the backside of the fork lowers.
Bolt on ProFender
The Cable-tie mounted fender is similar to a normal mudguard and mounts to the fork lowers with cable ties, which suits all MTB forks.

These easily bolt-on or strap to your fork lowers and offer greater protection from mud and debris flying up, also suggested they are all season and help in dry conditions too - riding in the wet and getting covered in mud from the front wheel is not a good time.

The Fenders come with 3 decal designs so you can style it up or keep it blank.
Custom Fender Decals

Check out the range of fenders on the WTR website, if you are a bike shop and would like to stock some of the CMG range, please shoot us an email:

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