Catch up on Shane's season in Whistler

Catch up on Shane's season in Whistler

What a bad race that was, big crash on stage 2, then my tyre blew off on stage 3 which ended my race.
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WTR: Shane, the last time we caught up you were packing your bags and preparing for a season in Canada, tell us a bit about it.
Shane: Oh man what can I say, it's a MTB paradise.

WTR: Was it your first season over there? How was the vibe and what ended up being so good about a summer in whistler?
Shane: This year was my third summer in Whistler. Man it’s good vibes all round. Seriously Whistler never gets old.

WTR: Did you work while over there, for anyone dreaming of heading over for a season, was it tough being an Aussie in Whistler?
Shane: Yeah I was working full time as an electrician, it’s sweet because it doesn’t get dark till 10pm all Summer and there's a long weekend basically every weekend. So there's so much time for riding. Definitely not tough, depending what way you look at it, there's more Aussies in Whistler than the Gold Coast.

WTR: You got around a fair bit, riding the old Rampage stomping ground and Bellingham in Washington State, how was Bellingham? Is it comparable to Rotorua, Red Woods for any Aussies who have visited Roto.
Shane: Oh man, Utah in general is my favourite place on Earth! Can not wait to go back. Bellingham is so good aswell, it’s similar to Roto but some more rocks thrown in. The hype is real, it’s an awesome spot to ride.

Shane raced in a bunch of high profile events in 2018...
ENDURO world series in Whistler and also the Trans BC. Enduro.

WTR: How was the EWS and Trans B.C events, what was your highlights and what would you do differently next time?

Shane: EWS Whistler, what a bad race that was, big crash on stage 2, then my tyre blew off on stage 3 which ended my race. 
As for trans B.C! If you want to have the absolute best time on your bike racing for a week straight, then race trans B.C ENDURO!
Tips: be fit, extremely fit! I was happy with my result there but I’m so keen to do it again and improve. Trans B.C = Best race in the world!

WTR: 2019, what's your plans this year?
Shane: Firstly I'll be moving back to Australia.
I'll be checking out Cairns and Alice Springs. In talks about a Utah Rampage trip and possibly a Europe trip. I will be racing as many of the SEQ DH and QLD Gravity Enduro evens as I can, and racing National Enduro Championships in Maydena at the end of the year. I can’t wait! 

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