Dirt Diaries: Catching up with Cosi

Dirt Diaries: Catching up with Cosi

We recently caught up with WTR supported rider, Robert "Cosi" Hofman chatting about his year so far in 2019, with dreams of qualifying for the 2020 EWS season, here's how things have gone so far.


WTR: Cosi! It has been a good 6 months since we have checked in to see how the year (2019) is going..how's life in Wollongong, happy with your year of bikes so far?
Cosi: Life in Wollongong has been rad! Just finished my Engineering Degree so now I have way more time to ride bikes and train for the coming year.  This has been a good year with plenty of riding and racing.  A few other adventures over winter as well, managing a few snow trips an some surfing down the coast.

Cosi racing thredbo MTB's cannonball festival - All mountain assaultPhoto // Outerimage Aus: Cosi Racing 2019 Cannonball MTB Festival - All mountain assault.

WTR: You've have had a busy Race Schedule this year - where have you visited so far, Talk us through some of your travels..
Cosi: This year has been a bit hectic with the amount of racing and finishing uni.  Started the year off strong heading to the first round of the EWS100 in Rotorua, NZ, in March. 

That was my first major race overseas, and although only the EWS100, it was great to get the feel for an EWS event. That was followed a week later by the EWS100 in Derby; probably my favourite race I have ever competed in with the tracks being unbelievable.

Since then I have made my way around Australia from Perth to Atherton (Cairns) racing in EWS qualifier events as well as a number of smaller club enduro and downhill races.

WTR: You have had some great results this year with the National enduro EWS Qualifiers - are you happy with the year so far?
Cosi: Overall I am happy with the results I have achieved this year.  Managing an 11th in Rotorua was rad with a 4th on the last stage which I was stoked about. I managed to take the top step of the podium at The King and Queen of the Mountain Enduro in Atherton and second at the Tamrookum Enduro Festival.

Beyond the results it has been unreal travelling around the country getting meet new people and ride spots I wouldn’t get to otherwise.

WTR: At the start of 2019 your goal was to try your luck at Qualification for the 2020 Enduro World Series - a little birdie told us you have qualified for 2020..?
Cosi: I am super stoked that I have managed to achieve my goal for the year. Managing to get to a number of different qualifying races and taking the top step in Atherton secured me in the top 150 ranked riders globally giving me reserved entry to race the 2020 EWS season.

WTR: Congratulations, That's awesome!! Good to see the hard work paying off. What does EWS Qualification mean for you? will you do select events in 2020 or try and make it to as many as possible?
Cosi: My current plan is to start the season with the 3rd EWS round in Olargues, France. From there I will be moving to Whistler and racing the Burke Mountain EWS and of course the big one Whistler EWS. If possible I will get to another round or else some races in Canada and the US.

Photo // Outerimage Aus: Cosi 2019 Cannonball MTB Festival - Whip wars

WTR: Awesome, For any young Guys or Girls out there dreaming of doing the same, is it pretty clear what you need to do to qualify for the EWS?
Cosi: The biggest point is commitment, put in the hours on the bike, get to the qualifying races, and you will qualify.

Find out more about EWS Qualification here - https://www.enduroworldseries.com/ews-entry-overview/how-qualifying-works/

WTR: Cheers for the Catch up, if anyone wants to get in touch to see if they can fit into your 2020 program, what is the best way to contact you?
Cosi: Thanks for the continued support throughout the year, any support behind you makes a huge difference and always having a fresh race kit can’t be beaten. Easiest way is through my Instagram, bit of fiend for it so always online.

You can Keep up with Cosi @Cosihofman (instagram) or find him up cutting laps of Mt Keira.

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