Dirt Diaries: Shane Freeriding in UTAH

Dirt Diaries: WTR Supported freerider Shane Oravsky recently jetted over to the West coast of America for a month long roady/freeride trip with best mate freerider - Aric Duncan. With some pretty famous Utah freeride sites on their map.. we caught up to see how things got on.

 Hey Shane! Welcome home, that looked like a really epic trip mate..Tell us a bit about it, what was the plan, where did you go exactly, how did you get around?
Shane: Thanks mate! Yeah was definitely an epic trip, I’d say the best holiday I’ve ever had! Basically the plan was to land in Seattle jump in my buddies van and road trip down to Utah for rampage, stopping at a bunch of freeride sites along the way.

WTR: Sounds epic. We saw you rode some pretty famous gnar in Utah.. Places like Tippies Rock, Green river and some old rampage sites to name a few - What was the stand out for you?
Shane: Man that’s hard to say! Everything I rode was a stand out to me haha, probably the freeride chutes in green river or King Kong trail.

WTR: Pictures wouldn't do some of the trails justice, how much did you push yourself over there? any sketchy moments?
Shane: Definitely not, easily the wildest riding I’ve ever done! To be honest the some of the sketchiest moments were hiking up the mountains with the bike on your shoulders and having basically no traction on your feet due to how steep it all was. Pushed myself a lot mainly mentally just to drop into a chute or to hit a huge drop ect. Oh man the feeling of riding a crazy chute is basically a drug that you keep chasing haha.

WTR: How is the access to some of the Chutes, did you park at the bottom and hike most of it?
Shane: Basically just camping in a area and just looking from the bottom and picking a line you want to ride then you have to hike up. It’s not easy and once you committed to your line there’s no going back haha.

 You and your Buddy Aric camped in the van right? how is it over there - can you just camp at the trail head or camp grounds? whats the setup like for anyone who wants to do something similar in Utah?
Shane: Yeah so all of North America is so set up for the van life. There is heaps of people doing similar trips - You basically can camp anywhere it’s so rad and cheap, highly recommended.

WTR: With Rampage the finale of your trip - were you pretty mind blown with the Event and the terrain they were riding?
Shane: Yes definitely! The riding and trail building is so insane! It’s just felt like a big party at the bottom of the mountain. Was so damn awesome to see how big there actually going in real life! Absolutely mind blowing! If you thought about going to one just do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Cheers for the Catch up mate, catch you at Boomerang farm soon!

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  • What a dream trip! I got to explore Utah, Colorado, Alberta and BC in a caravan with some bikes and mates and we had the time of our lives. Don’t talk about it, just do it!

    • NIck