I Called Shotgun!

I Called Shotgun!

We recently received a kids MTB seat from the team at Kids Ride Shotgun. This is how it went down…

My daughter and I open up the delivered package and the excitement in the room starts to build. My 3-year daughter has already caught on to what she is opening and is super excited to hit the trails.

Once we open up the packaging, you can immediately tell that this is a quality product with no expense spared, finished with perfect paint, super plush seat and quality tools for installation.


Fitting the seat was very easy and first setup took no longer than 30 minutes. I highly recommend reading through the detailed instructions to avoid any damage to your frame and setting the seat at the correct angles for your toddler. I was a bit worried about setting up the seat on my frame due to my bike OCD, but the heavy-duty rubber coverings on the seat frame keep your bike safe from any damage.
One thing I didn’t consider and recommend, would be adding a few PSI to your front fork to allow for the extra KGs upfront to reduce that OTB feeling.

Let’s hit the dirt

I lift my 3-year daughter up to take her seat, she is excited to hit the single trail. I take her along a green trail first up to see how she will handle the terrain and more importantly how I will cope with the extra weight upfront. The first downhill section we rolled had to be repeated multiple times as it was “so much fun”. After a few practice runs on the green loop, we hit a blue trail and the little one handles it like a pro and continually asks to go faster.

Surprisingly, apart from having to lockout my front and rear shock and having a small person between my legs, I can hardly tell the difference with the handling of the bike. Obviously there are weight imbalances but I found I quickly adjusted too.

The experience

This product is truly a game changer. Having the ability for your little one to sit upfront and fully experience mountain biking first hand, was such a great way for me to connect with my daughter. We had an awesome time on the trails, and I was able to explain to her a few techniques on the bike which hopefully she can transfer to her own bike. Most importantly, it’s a great way to get your kids out of the house and away from the TV.

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  • Great experience for both parent and child.
  • Quality product, easy to install and remove within 5 minutes.


  • Say goodbye to your solo weekend rip.

You can grab yourself a Shotgun Kid's MTB Seat for $220.00AUD from a few select local retailers or online at kidsrideshotgun.com.