Brisbane Components Company: Huck to Flat

Brisbane Components Company: Huck to Flat

"Like most guys obsessed with mountain biking, I have been riding bikes since I was a little kid. I can clearly remember when I was 10 years old and I got my first 15 speed full rigid Malvern Star."

Jonno, Congratulations on the launch of the HTF Components brand! We've been riding on the ODIN flat pedals for a little while now and so far very impressed with the quality and feel. Having the option to tune the pedals with different pin lengths is a game changer - they are the most grippy flats we have ever used.

WTR: Starting a components company seems like a tall order for most, What is your background and what inspired the HTF brand?

HTF: Like most guys obsessed with mountain biking, I have been riding bikes since I was a little kid. I can clearly remember when I was 10 years old and I got my first 15 speed full rigid Malvern Star. It was love at first ride and I used to bash around Toohey Forest (Mt. Nathan, Brisbane) for hours every afternoon. Unfortunately life and some injuries when I was young got in the way of my dreams of becoming a famous World Cup Downhill Racer and I took a break from the bike. During that time I completed my mechanical engineering degree and have been working on designing and bringing to market automotive parts and playing with my motorbikes. A few years ago I got back into mountain biking and it was like I never stopped. I entered my first local gravity enduro race, somehow managed to snag top step on the podium and I was hooked on racing! Designing and producing components for bikes has always been something that I wanted to do. Thankfully, through my education and work I have gained the knowledge, skills and made the manufacturing contacts required to produce the quality parts of my dreams.

Photo: Huck to Flat are supporting a bunch of local riders in 2021, most notably the super fast SEQ Pro Rory Mckenzie. Photo - Set in Stone Photography @setinstoneqld

 Are you focusing on pedals or will HTF be doing a range of mountain bike components? 

HTF: There will be a range of components coming! The components will be focused around what I personally use and the type of riding I like; which is distinctly gravity focused. Pedals are our first step, I wanted to start with a product that people can really tell is done well. From experience, you definitely know when you’re riding on a good or bad set of flat pedals. Stems and handlebars are next on the agenda, and I’ve already got a couple of sets of prototype handlebars being tested. I really believe in thoroughly testing anything I put my name on so they’ve been kicking around on local riders bikes for about 6 months now. As well as this, I’ve got a second stem prototype that will be ready for testing in the next couple of weeks.  

WTR: Tell us a bit more about the HTF Odin flat pedals, how long did they take to develop and what's the process?

HTF: Their development started in March 2019, so it’s almost been a year to bring them to market. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so their release was delayed until I was 100% satisfied with every detail of the product. I started out with an idea of what I wanted, designed it with 3D CAD and 3D printed a test set to see if I was on the right track. A few design revisions later I had a prototype set made so I could properly evaluate the product.
After 6 months of trialing the prototypes, getting feedback from local shredders and uncountable design tweaks I was happy and the ODIN was born!

HTF Odin pedal

Picture: Detailed v
iew of the HTF Odin pedal.

WTR: What are some of the key features of the Odin pedals? 

HTF: In a flat pedal there are a few key features that you look for:

Weight - Lighter is obviously better. There are lighter pedals available on the market, but you will need to spend a lot more and they will use more exotic materials like magnesium or titanium. While they are lightweight, they are not as durable as heat-treated aluminium and chromoly.

Platform size & shape - Looking at the ODIN from above, you’ll see it has a quite unique platform shape. This gives the support where you need it and removed material where you don’t which saves weight and prevents pedal strikes.

Concavity - Concavity is key to maximum grip between shoe and pedal and as far as I know there are no pedals available with more concave than the ODIN!

Pins - All pins are replaceable, and you are supplied with different lengths so you can achieve your personal preference.

What sets the HTF Odin peddles apart from the other big players in the market? 

HTF: The ODIN’s overall package. It takes all of the features that are desirable in a flat pedal and combine them into one without requiring you to sell your kidney to buy. Vital MTB did a huge flat pedal comparison, they got scientific with their method and allocated a rating to each desired feature: weight, platform size, concavity, thinness etc. When I was designing the ODIN, I took this comparison into account and if they ever tested the ODIN it would take out 1st place.

Picture: The Odin Pedals are for riders serious about grip.

Thanks for the chat Jonno, we are pleased to be teaming up with you and now stocking the ODIN Pedals. 
You can find the HTF Odin pedals online now at &

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