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We have teamed up with the legendary West Oz moto graphics company WestEffex. They have been in the game for a while and have a bunch of full bike wraps and frame protection kits already, so it was a no brainer to lean on their expertise and have WestEffex print and manufacture the new WTR frame protection kits. The idea is a universal kit to cover all frame models and sizes in the high impact/areas. The skins are easy to install and also easy to modify if your frame has some unusual curves.

Frame Skin Coverage

Design 1. Interstellar | This design was a collaboration between Corey at WestEffex and WTR with the idea being space and universe related, the print is on a solid background so a great way to customise the look of your frame.
Best suited to a darker frames but its up to you how creative you get.
Available in gloss & matte finishes.

Design 2. Horizons
| This design is our clear frame protection option. A universal frame protection kit to suit all frame makes and sizes. These can be trimmed down to suit specific areas or you can get as creative as you like.
Available in gloss & matte finishes.

These kits are now available on the WTR webstore, for any questions please send an email to the team - contact@wetheriders.com.au

Install Video: Check out @Scorch.mtb frame protection install video here

Frame Protect Sizing:

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